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Cooling Systems

Our range of products include cooling tower treatment for high silica water, oxidising biocide, closed loop corrosion inhibitor and aql chloract liquid oxidizing activator.
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Cooling Tower Treatment For High Silica Water
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Cooling Tower Treatment For High Silica Water

Approx. Price: Rs 170 / KilogramGet Latest Price

BENEFITS: AQL 50000 PLUS is specially formulated to inhibit the deposition of silica scale in cooling systems where the silica content of the feedwater is over 25ppm

DESCRIPTION: AQL 50000 PLUS is a primary scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is a liquid blend of phosphoric acid, polymers and a yellow metal corrosion inhibitor.
APPLICATIONS: Use AQL 50000 PLUS whenever the cooling tower feedwater contains 25 or more ppm of silica.  The initial dosage in the cooling water is 1 gallon of product for each 2,000 gallons of system capacity.  Continue this dosage for 7 days. The maintenance dosage is 1 gallon of product for each 6,000gallons of bleedoff to maintain 10-20ppm phosphonate in the system.  .

PRODUCT DOSAGE: Use AQL 50000 PLUS in cooling tower systems when the total ppm of si8lica in the tower water would exceed 150ppm.  The initial dosage in the cooling water is 1 gallon of product for each 2000 gallons of system capacity.  Maintain this initial concentration (30ppm phosphonate) for 7 days.  The maintain dosage is 1gallon of product for each 6000 gallons of bleedoff to maintain 1-20ppm phosphonate in the system.
METHOD OF FEED: AQL 50000 PLUS can be fed directly into the cooling tower sump, or directly into the recirculating waterline, with a midstream injection tip.  This product should not be mixed with biocides in chemical feed solutions.


Total hardness :700ppm maximum
Total alkalinity:500ppm maximum
Silica (theoretical):300ppm maximum
Conductivity:3,500 micromhos maximum

PRODUCT CONTROL PARAMETERS : Phosphonate    : 10 to 20 ppm as PO2


Appearance: Pale yellow
pH: 2.26
Specific gravity: 1.10
Density: 8.98 lbs / gallon


Contains Aminotri (Methylenephosphonic Acid). Do not get in eyes, on skin, or clothing. Wear a face shied, neoprene rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling.Wash thoroughly after handling.  Keep the container closed when not in use.  Avoid breathing the mist.  Use sufficient ventilation to prevent a buildup of mist.  Do not swallow.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AQL 50000 PLUS
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Oxidising Biocide
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Oxidising Biocide

Approx. Price: Rs 150 / KgGet Latest Price

Benefits: AQL NC 9000 PLUS is a DBNPA base new generation biocide, extremely effective in controlling all the microbiological foulants like slime, fungi and bacteria. AQL NC 9000 PLUS is effective for the control of cellulose degrading, sulfate reducing and iron bacteria, all of which are slime producing.  Its latest formulation ensures ‘sudden death’ for all slime-producing microbes in the system.  This unique property makes it ideal for being used during the shock dose, which follows every wash-up and boilout.

DESCRIPTION:  AQL NC 9000 PLUS is a US EPA registered micro biocide containing
DBNPA 20% base. It is a liquid product for use in controlling slime-forming bacteria,
Sulfate-reducing bacteria and algae.

PRODUCT DOSAGE:  Badly fouled air washers, recirculating and once through cooling
tower, should be cleaned before treatment.  AQL NC 9000 PLUS can be used on an
intermittent (Slug dose) schedule or a continuous feed schedule.

For specific dosage information on evaporative condensers, hydrostatic sterilizers and
retorts, pasteurizers and warmers, consult the EPA registered product label.

METHOD OF FEED: Feed the product directly from the container into the tower
basin, distribution deck or recirculating line.  When feeding into the recirculating line,
use a high-volume electronic metering pump and time clock.

SYSTEM OPERATING PARAMETER: Follow the same parameters as outlined for cooling tower treatments.

PRODUCT CONTROL PARAMETERS: AQL NC 9000 PLUS is effective in cooling water systems having both acidic and alkaline conditions and hence increased dosages must be added. It is preferred for its instability in water as it quickly kills bacteria and then degrades to ammonia and bromide ions. Please contact AQUALINE engineering for recommendation.


Appearance:Clear Liquid
Specific gravity (70*F):1.10
pH @ 100%:< 3.0
Boiling point (*F):222 – 238
Evaporation rate :0.1

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AQL NC 9000 PLUS
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Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor
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Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor

Approx. Price: Rs 175 / PieceGet Latest Price
  • Provide corrosion protection in the piping of thermal storage units and large Closed loops
  • Prevents exchangers and zone valves from plugging due to corrosion
  • Reduces corrosion damage to water pump impellers and seals
  • Non-chromate formula contains no heavy metals

AQL CL 333 is a liquid blend of sodium nitrite, sodium borate, yellow metal inhibitor and a dispersant.  AQL CL 333 is a non-chromate inhibitor, specially formulated for corrosion in copper, steel and multi-metal systems, whether they are airtight or not.

  • AQL CL 333 is a corrosion inhibitor for use in chilled-water closed loops, hot-water recirculating boilers, and above-ground thermal storage systems. This product provides effective corrosion protection for metals typically found in closed-loop systems.  In addition, AQL CL 333 contains a borate buffer to maintain pH of the recirculating water in the range of 8.5 to 10.5.

Product Dosage:
  • The initial dosage of AQL CL 333 is 1 liter for each 1000 liters of water in the system (1100ppm).  This will provide a sodium nitrite residual of 275 ppm as NaNO2.
  • The maintenance dosage is 1 gallon of AQL CL 333 for each 1000 gallons of makeup water added to the system.  The sodium nitrite level should be maintained in the range of 250ppm to 400ppm.  The pH of the recirculating water should be in the range of 8.5 to 10.5. Do not allow the pH to drop below 8.0

Method OF Feed:
  • Feed AQL CL 333 to the closed-loop system using a by-pass pot feeder. For above-ground thermal storage systems, add the product at the time the system is initially charged with water.

System Opeating Parameters:
  • Recirculating water pH: 8.5 to 10
  • Maximum water temperature: 350*F

Product Control Parameters:
  • Nitrite as NaNO2: 225 to 400 ppm
  • Recirculating water conductivity: 3500 Micro ohm or less
  • Recirculating water pH: 8.5 to 10.5

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AQL-CL-333
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Aql Chloract Liquid Oxidizing Activator
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Aql Chloract Liquid Oxidizing Activator

Approx. Price: Rs 150 / KilogramGet Latest Price
  •     Effective At High Ph When Used With Aql Bromact.

A Sodium Hypochlorite Oxidant, Aql Chloract Acts As The Catalyst For Aql Bromact.
Application / Dosage:  Please Consult The Aql Bromact Label For Complete Directions.
Method Of Feed: The Delivery System Must Provide Through Mixing Of Aql Bromact And Aql Chloract. Aql Bromact Should Be Added To The Circulation Water Just Before The Aql Chloract.

Physical Properties:

Appearance (color):Light yellow green Liquid
Product pH : 12.4
Specific gravity :1.18

May cause skin and eye irritation
May cause irritation if inhaled
May be harmful if swallowed


  • Effective at high Ph when used with AQL bromact
  • Description:

    A sodium hypochlorite oxidant, aql chloract acts as the catalyst for aql bromact.

    Application / dosage:  aql chloract used to prevent algae shellfish growth in cooling towers.

    In households it is used frequently for the purification and disinfection of the house. It is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.  It has the advantage that micro organisms cannot buildup any resistance to it. 

    It is effective against legionella bacteria and
    Bio film in which legionella bacteria can multiply.
    Method of use: use of aql chloract spray and home cleaning to reduce indoor allergen levels and improve asthma health parameters.  Preclean all surfaces after use.

    Prior to using equipment, thoroughly spray or fog all surfaces until wet, allowing excess
    Sanitizer to drain. 

    Vacate area for at least 2 hours.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AQL
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Oxidising Biocide
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Oxidising Biocide

Approx. Price: Rs 170 / KgGet Latest Price


  • Effective at high pH
  • Easy to handle, apply and control
  • Cost effective
  • Much faster kill rates than chlorine
  • Lower corrosion rates than chlorine.
  • Not affected by ammonia.

    Description:  AQL  Bromactis a liquid, oxidizing biocide specially formulated to control bacteria, algae, fungi and slime in recirculating and once-through cooling water systems, breweries, pasteurizing systems, waste water systems and pulp and paper mills.  The EPA registration number is 3377-25-64488.  A bromine based biocide, AQL Bromact was developed to overcome the deficiencies of chlorine and chlorine derivatives.  It must be used in conjunction with an oxidizing catalyst such as Aqualine aql chloract.

    Dosage Rates:  Initial Dose: When the system is noticeably fouled, apply sufficient AQL Bromact and AQL Chloract to achieve a residual bromine level of 0.5-1.0 ppm or as needed to maintain control.  Typically, the recommended rate is 1.3-5.2 gallon AQL Chloract for each gallon of AQL Bromact .

    .METHOD OF FEED: AQL Bromact may be added to the system either continuously or intermittently or as needed, but should be added to the circulation water just before the AQL Chloract . The frequency of feeding and duration of the treatment will depend upon the severity of the problem.  It is recommended that the product be used in a manner such that the effluent discharges meet the NPDES guidelines.

    Appearance:Colorless Liquid
    Product pH (1:10 dilution): 7.0 – 9.0
    Specific gravity (70*F):1.385 – 1.440
    Density:11.6 – 12.1
    Hardness as CaCo3 maximum:55 ppm
    Odor   :Slight

    Additional Information:
    • Item Code: AQLBROMACT
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